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The Be Well at A Spot team includes local residents who are grounded in faith, family and friends and we believe that outstanding spa services can be delivered with a keen eye on our guest’s total experience.

In 2012, A Spot Salon and Spa began delivering an authentic service experience that focused on beauty elements, with hair and nails as the cornerstone of our offerings.  Over time, our own life experiences, both highs and lows, taught us there is much more that we could and should offer.  We learned that the total person matters and that the mind, body, and spirit work together for one’s holistic well-being.  As a result, we transformed into Be Well at A Spot.

We offer a wide spectrum of services including nail and skin care treatments, aromatherapy education, and a host of body and mind experiences ranging from Tai Chi and Yoga, to nutritional and financial fitness.  We believe this serves the needs of the whole individual and we are committed to advancing this in our community.

Most importantly, we offer services to those who value and cherish their own time, and want to know that in every service experience, they are cared for, and cared about.  When you leave Be Well at A Spot, your day will have been made better because you feel alive, serene, and for the rest of your day, you will Be Well.

Our Team includes licensed and certified professionals across the spectrum of spa/wellness services.  You will find each has a unique set of skills with passion and a commitment to you and your wellbeing.


Advanced Manicurist